Body Phenom Women’s Dry Fit Tank Top

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It is hard work being phenomenal, but the results are so worth it! Let Body Phenom give you a hand up with great athletic wear like our Women’s Dry Fit Tank Top. Made from a lightweight polyester/spandex blend with sweat wicking technology, this tank helps keep you cool and dry no matter how hard you hit it. Its form-fitting stretch keeps you covered too; no unsightly sagging to worry about.


We’re all working toward a physical goal. We’ll be phenomenal when we get there, but we’re pretty phenomenal right now too! This tank top works with you, proudly announcing you’re a Body Phenom right here and right now with our logo emblazoned across your chest. Flattering, comfortable, and as hard working as you are—that’s Body Phenom.


Model is 5’ 7” and is wearing a size small