Men’s Phenom Premium Lightweight Hoodie

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Body Phenom’s Premium Lightweight Hoodie is made of an ultra-soft blend of premium cotton and elastane. Designed by bodybuilders for bodybuilders to be comfortable, lightweight, and flattering, this hoodie, with its subtle color fading and great design, is one more way for you to stand out. Branded on the left upper chest and sporting zip pockets and a zip front, this hoodie drapes and stretches to fit any physique in any phase of development.


Body Phenom’s athletic wear is designed to help you look and feel great. You are a work in progress and you should always use the best tools around you to make yourself shine. Train hard at whatever you do and care for your body and mind. Treat yourself like the temple you are! Be a Phenom!


Model is 5’ 10” and is wearing size Large